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Pro Training

Pro Training

Pro training is our most comprehensive training program fit for participants of all skill levels.

Students will be guided through the ins and outs of high scoring qualifying drifting runs. They work on throttle commitment, proper use of the handbrake, left foot braking, and using the angle to slow a vehicle whilst adhering to a momentum map.

This is a custom, tailored experience at the advanced level designed to refine the required skill set needed for competitive drifting.

The pricing includes -

  • 18 Private drifting sessions
  • 6 Hours simulator session
  • 1:1 Trainee-trainer ratio
  • Briefing
  • Workshop tour
  • Demonstration lap
  • Semi Pro techniques
  • Handbrake initiation
  • How to extend a drift
  • Quick direction changes
  • Smooth exit from drifting
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Exclusive merch & goodies

Driving time - 9 Hours
Sessions - 18
Price per session - INR 21,500
Buy in bulk to avail INR 20,000 per session!

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