Terms & Conditions

  1. The prices of session fee reflected on the website and other promotional content are exclusive of 18% GST which shall be chargeable in addition to the said price.
  2. Sessions validity: 1 year from the date of purchase.
  3. Under 18’s must be accompanied by their parents/guardian.
  4. A waiver must be signed on the training/event day.
  5. You will not be held liable for any mechanical failure the car may suffer unless it is due to directly violating a directive from an instructor.
  6. Bookings cannot be cancelled or rescheduled within 7 days of the date of training. The payment (for drift training & experiences) is non refundable and shall be forfeited in the event the session is cancelled from the trainee's end for any reason whatsoever. This amount will be used to pay for the [instructor's booking fee and] drift track rental.
  7. No refunds are applicable in training sessions or drift experiences, specifically after availing and completing the session by a trainee/participant.
  8. BBD is authorised to make changes in the training schedule depending on the availability of the resources.
  9. BBD and its officers shall not be responsible for or be held liable for any injury or damage caused to the trainee/participant (along with their cars) as the training sessions, and drifting experiences are concerning an adventure sport.
  10. BBD shall not be liable for any dispute, legal or otherwise, between the trainee and instructors as it is merely involved in the process of organising the training sessions.
  11. In case of any cancellation from BBD due to unforeseen circumstances, the trainee can opt to reschedule their session.